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On this page are some of the acitivities mentioned in my Develop Your Creative Practice application.

Each of these examples or work shows how my bouzouki playing is being integrated into my creative practice.

For more information and examples visit:


Otley folk festival

Topic Folk Club.jpeg

guest musician at Topic folk club


live at BBC Radio Leeds

Workshop leading

Although I don't have any videos of me leading workshops here is an example of some music that has been made out of recent community work. Over the course of summer 2023 I ran a series of workshops that combined mindfulness activities with music. We wrote four new pieces of music based our experiences with the mindfulness activities. The project was conducted at the Huddersfield Mission, who help those struggling with multiple and complex needs such as homelessness, mental health, and addiction. In this track you can hear me playing the mandolin, using skills I have been developing on the Greek bouzouki.


Songwriting / composition

In 2023 I was commissioned by Artichoke Trust to write three new pieces of soundscape for their HERD project. This soundscape was written with the brief of composing music to represent the Eastergate area of Marsden in a ancient time. At the time stamp 3:40 - 4:40 you hear my bouzouki playing.  At 7:40 you hear me singing a composed song that was later used at the start and end of HERD: the film, directed by Colm Hogan.



With Hebble I play tunes and songs on the bouzouki from Czech Republic, Ireland, England, Scotland and Poland. Below is a short showreel demonstrating my current competence.  

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