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for theatre, local authority, art installation, research

past works for: European Union Researchers Night, Artichoke Trust, Manasamitra, Swan Song, Kirklees Council, Lawrence Batley Theatre, TOWNSOUNDS photo exhibition, University of Huddersfield, RotoR, City Connect

Examples of work


HERD took place around Kirklees during July 2023 as part of Kirklees Year of Music. The KYOM23 flagship project was a ground-breaking collaboration between artists, musicians and hundreds of schoolchildren and community members.

I composed 3 x 20min compositions for the project.

My singing of an original song opens up the film that was made for the project too.

Swan Song

I am regularly commissioned by this organisation who works with capturing songs from people on their death bed and their families. Here is one example of a song I wrote using the lyrics of a Swan Song user..


This was a commission for Dewsbury Not the Fringe Festival from Manasamitra. I wrote new pieces of music based on conversations had with cyclists around Dewsbury. I used verbatum lyric writing and sound samples of my bike. The video shows some of the highlights of the Calder Valley and Spen Valley Greenways.

Songs of Place

Songs of Place was a research project conducted at the University of Huddersfield. All information about the project can be found following the 'Songs of Place' tab at the top of the page. Here is one of the compositions, to get your juices flowing.

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