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From 2021 - 2024 I underwent a project which involved interviewing 40+ musicians and musical facilitators from Kirklees. I turned the recordings of those interviews into an archive. Then, from the archive I produced a 15 epsiode podcast series.

Some example episodes are in the collumn on the right - all other epsiodes are available on all the major podcast providers.


Roll the Rock Home: 70 years of rock and roll in Kirklees

Join host Sam Hodgson as he uncovers the little-told story of the Kirklees rock and roll scene in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.  The episode also features a clip of The Beatles, recorded in Huddersfield in 1963 and not heard since!


Living Tradition: Folk musics in Kirklees

Host Sam Hodgson introduces you to local Kirklees festivals, organisations, musicians and more, all connected to Folk music. From aesthetics and instrumentation to the way folk is made and performed, exploring fascinating roots ranging from Ireland to Iran.


Soundsystems and Sound Systems: Amplification and reggae music in Kirklees

In this episode, host Sam Hodgson will be finding out about the well-documented and highly influential soundsystem and reggae music scene in Huddersfield, through the voices of local people who know it best.

EP 13

Who do you Love? Musicians as parents

This episode takes an intimate look into the personal stories of a topic that you might not associate with music at all - parenting. The podcast’s host, Sam Hodgson picks the topic apart, revealing subjects that are rarely spoken about in public. This is a heartwarming, joyous episode overall but it also reaches places of great depth, personal achievement and struggle.

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