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Samh's first EP 'In a Green House' was recorded in a greenhouse. The profits all went to the Kindu Trust - an Ethiopian Charity supporting people in the Gondor region. Sam volunteered with the charity in 2011.

Since then Sam has continued recording in makeshift spaces with unusual instrument lineups and weird effects. The music is often groovy with epic endings and unusual time signatures but each album has it's own flavour from very etheral and floaty to massive and powerful.

Explore this page to find clips of music, details of albums, and images of Samh and the band.

Emily Pilbeam (BBC)

"It's dark, it's hopeful and just totally striking."

Alan Raw (BBC)

"A fabulous band, absolutely brilliant."

Local Sound Focus

"This is one beautiful thing. Genre defying. Cult-like. Compelling."

Mikey's Weekly

"Pure elegance. A timeless band. Transgressive."

Folk and Honey

"Samh’s music feels like a lucid dream and at times a super ejector seat out the reality you think you know."
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